Holidays and Holiday Weekends
Most people know they can get deals on just about anything on shopping holidays like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but you can get deals on other holidays throughout the year, too. Appliance manufacturers and retailers often offer President’s Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Fourth of July sales, for instance. If you buy during a holiday sale, you can save as much as 50 percent. Fore example, during Memorial Day weekend of this year, you could have purchased a fridge for around 50 percent off retail price; and, on Labor Day, Home Depot offered up to 40 percent off appliances with special buys.

Right Before the Release of a New Model
Just like with many other electronics, the price of a new model is at its highest when the manufacturer first releases the product. You can get a better deal if you wait a while and purchase after the price has a chance to go down. Think about someone who purchased a PlayStation 4 right after its release versus someone who just purchased that same PlayStation 4 last week.

This is a because of simple supply and demand. The demand goes down as time passes. Also, when the newer version of the model is about to be released (often in the fall), retailers may need to make room for the new inventory, and they’re more likely to have deals on the previous models and even on floor models.

At the End of the Month
Retailers and appliances salespeople often have monthly quotas to meet. If the store wants you to buy an appliances more than you need to buy an appliance, this puts you in a good position. You have the upper hand.

You can also straight up ask for a discount. “I’d like to buy this washer, but it’s priced at $600, I can only pay $550. Can you offer me 10 percent off?” If you get a “no,” you can always buy it anyway or even go to another retailer.

Certain Months
September, October, November and December are the months when appliance makers release new models or when holiday shopping deals tend to start rolling in. This means that stores are often more willing to give deals on the previous models.

Refrigerators are a bit different, though. Appliance makers tend to release new models in the spring, so that’s a good time to buy a fridge. May is also Maytag month, and you can receive up to a $700 rebate on certain Maytag appliances. It comes in the form of a prepaid Visa gift card.