Tips and Tricks: Easy Oven Cleaning

Happy New Year! The holidays are finally over and with all of our extended relatives leaving comes the responsibility of trying to get back on normal, everyday schedules. Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure that schedule includes “cleaning” something somewhere. I know many people dread cleaning because it takes up all of your time and energy, especially when you feel as though there is not enough time in the day to do everything else you needed to do -or- even wanted to do.

So, to help shorten the length of time it takes doing house chores, we are going to be providing our lovely customers with some Tips and Tricks to help minimize the time and stress that comes along with “Post-Holiday” cleanings. Today’s article is written by Laurie Dixon.


Trick: Two Hour Oven Cleaning

Here’s what you’ll need

The beauty of this hack is that it doesn’t require too many materials and most of the ingredients can be found around the house. All you’ll need is:

Now, the hack does take a minimum of two hours, but the payoff of a brand new oven makes it worth the wait.

How To

Begin by collecting all the removable parts of the oven, which includes the racks and trays. You can even remove the glass window if you’re careful.

Next, you’ll need to wrap each piece individually in aluminum foil before submerging them in the bathtub of hot water. If you can’t keep the piece fully submerged, you’ll want to find some weight to put on top. After that, drop a dishwasher tablet on top of each, and voila! The aluminum foil reacts to the disintegrating tablet, practically melting off that post-Christmas dinner mess.

After two hours, years of grease and grime will fall away. If you have some mess that’s a little more stubborn, it shouldn’t take more than a quick wipe to get back that brand new shine. If you want to maximize your results, let the concoction sit for a little longer.

-Laurie Dixon, MSN Lifestyle

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